Duke Energy Phone Number: Duke Energy Customer Service Number 2024

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Duke Energy Phone Number: In the US, Duke Energy is a well-known and dependable supplier of power and energy services. They are aware of the value of offering their millions of consumers top-notch customer service. In this post, we’ll look at Duke Energy’s phone number and how it may be used to get in touch with dependable support.

There are millions of customers facing problems in Duke Energy Bill Pay and they are searching for “How to Easily Pay Your Duke Energy Bill with a Phone Number”. Duke Energy Customer Service professionals are available via phone if you have queries about your account, want assistance during a power outage, Easy Duke Energy Bill Payment, or desire energy-saving tips.

To contact Duke Energy for the assistance you want, you must have the correct phone number. Many Duke Energy Customers are facing lots of Problems and they haven’t any Duke Energy customer service number for help. In this, article we provide the appropriate Duke Energy phone number which you can use to contact Duke Energy customer service.

You can quickly contact the appropriate department because they have a specific phone number for each function. You can obtain help anytime you need it because their customer support line is open around the clock. Dial the following toll-free number to reach Duke Energy customer service. Please read this article till the end to know about Duke Energy Phone Numbers, Duke Energy Bill Payment, etc.

Duke Energy Phone Number

Having access to trustworthy help is essential for customers, and Duke Energy’s phone number gives you a direct route to their experienced customer service staff. Reaching out to Duke Energy customer service specialists via their phone number guarantees that your concerns will be attended to as soon as possible and effectively, whether you have questions about bills, service problems, or just need general assistance.

When you call Duke Energy’s customer service number at 1-800-777-9898, a team of committed experts is available to help you with a variety of questions and problems.

You may contact Duke Energy Customer Service whenever it’s most convenient for you, whether it’s during regular business hours or in the middle of the night in case of an emergency because this toll-free number is open around the clock. Inquiries about your bill are one of the major reasons you might need to contact Duke Energy’s customer service.

Their professionals are skilled at giving precise and useful information if you have inquiries regarding your power bill, payment alternatives, or any charges. They can help you with billing questions, clarify payment options and deadlines, and address any worries you might have.

Duke Energy Customer Service – Overview

ArticleDuke Energy Phone Number
CompanyDuke Energy
CategoryQuick Access, Phone Number, Customer Service
Objective Reliable Customer Support
BeneficiaryAll the Duke Energy Customers
Duke Energy Phone Number1-800-777-9898
Official Websitehttps://www.duke-energy.com/
Duke Energy Phone Number

Benefits of Duke Energy Phone Number & Customer Service

Numerous advantages are provided to clients by Duke Energy’s customer service and phone number, assuring a great experience and quick problem-solving. Let’s examine some of the main advantages of Duke Energy’s customer service and phone number or Phone Number for Duke Energy:

  • Quick Help: Customer service personnel at Duke Energy are trained to help consumers as soon as possible. Their specialists can answer your questions and offer answers, whether you have a billing query, want assistance during a power outage, or need general information.
  • Convenience: Duke Energy Phone Number and customer support line are open round-the-clock, 365 days a year, so you may contact them whenever you need help. Since you may request assistance whenever it fits best into your schedule, your problems will be fixed swiftly and effectively.
  • Billing Inquiries: Any questions you may have about your bills may be answered by Duke Energy’s customer support team. Their staff can give accurate information and assist in resolving any billing issues, whether you want explanations of charges, have inquiries regarding payment methods or deadlines, or need to report a mistake.
  • Service Outages and Emergencies: Duke Energy’s customer service is a priceless asset during a power outage or an electrical disaster. You can make sure Duke Energy is aware of the situation and prepared to act right away to restore power and solve any safety issues by reporting the problem as soon as possible. Their staff can tell you at every stage of the procedure and offer updates on the restoration operations.
  • Guidance on Energy Efficiency: Duke Energy is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and sustainability. On advice, programs, and incentives for energy conservation, their customer service specialists can offer helpful information. They may assist you in learning how to make your house more energy-efficient, lessen your influence on the environment, and perhaps even lower your energy costs.
  • General Inquiries and Assistance: For general questions and assistance, call Duke Energy’s Phone Number or customer support number. Duke Energy specialists are available to answer your inquiries and handle your issues if you have any questions regarding prices, plans, eligibility requirements, or any other feature of their services.
Duke Energy Customer Service Number
Duke Energy Phone Number: Duke Energy Customer Service Number 2024 2

Duke Energy Phone Number & Customer Service Number

Here are the Duke Energy Phone Number List and Duke Energy Customer Service Number List, Duke Energy Customers can contact these numbers to ask their queries or call for any type of help regarding Duke Energy Products or Services:

  • Indiana: 1-800-521-2232
  • Kentucky: 1-800-544.6900
  • North Carolina: 1-800-777-9898
  • North Carolina (Progress Energy): 1-800-452-2777
  • Ohio: 1-800-544-6900
  • South Carolina: 1-800-777-9898
  • South Carolina (Progress Energy): 1-800-452-2777
  • Florida (Progress Energy): 1-800-700-8744

Duke Energy Power Outage Number

When there is a power outage, it’s critical to notify Duke Energy so they can take the necessary action to restore electricity and fix any issues. You can call the Duke Energy power outage hotline to report a power loss at 1-800-543-5599 & 800.228.8485. Please be aware, though, that depending on where you are, the precise number of power outages may change.

  • You may go to Duke Energy’s official website and look under “Outages & Alerts” or “Report an Outage” to locate the right power outage number for your location.
  • As an alternative, you can go to your Duke Energy statement or any correspondence you have with the company, since they frequently provide the contact details for power outages unique to your area.
  • You may promptly report a power loss and submit any relevant information by calling the Duke Energy power outage hotline.
  • Duke Energy can efficiently monitor and address the outage thanks to this. You could also hear updates on the restoration process or any projected times for power restoration throughout the call.
  • It’s critical to keep in mind that different factors, like bad weather, defective equipment, or repair work, can cause power outages.

Duke Energy Ohio Phone Number & Customer Service Number

Duke Energy Ohio’s Customer Service1-866-216-2136
Customer Service for Businesses1-800-774-1202
To Upgrade or Change Service and for Bill Payments1-800-544-6900
For Hearing/Speech Impaired711 (TDD or TTY Relay Service)
To Report Power Outages1-800-543-5599
Mailing AddressDuke Energy, 1000 E Main Street, Mail Drop WP 890, Plainfield, IN 46168
Mailing Address for PaymentsDuke Energy, P.O. Box 1327, Charlotte, NC 28201-1326

How to Pay Your Duke Energy Bill?

There are several methods and ways available to pay your Duke Energy Bill Pay, Here are some methods of Duke Energy Bill Pay explained:

  • Online: When you sign up for Paperless Billing, you may pay your bill online. To make one-time payments or to set up recurring monthly payments, you can utilize your checking or savings account.
  • Speedpay: This service enables you to pay your bills using a credit card, debit card, or electronic cheque. Remember that Speedpay is a third-party supplier.
  • Use the Duke Energy mobile app to pay: The Duke Energy mobile app allows you to view and pay your bill. Additionally, you may view personalized offers and your billing history.
  • Automatic Draft: You may set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account to pay bills.
  • In-person: Visit one of the approved payment places to pay your bill.
  • Pay by Mail: To pay your bill by mail, send a cheque or money order. The Mailing Address for Payments – is Duke Energy, P.O. Box 1327, Charlotte, NC 28201-1326.
  • Pay over the Phone: You have to call the Duke Energy Phone Number or Duke Energy Customer Service Number to make the Duke Energy Bill Pay Phone Number or Duke Energy Phone Number Pay Bill.

Benefits of Using the Duke Energy Bill Pay Phone Number

Customers may pay their bills easily and conveniently by calling the Duke Energy Phone Number or Duke Energy bill pay phone line, which also offers a variety of other advantages. Here are a few benefits of utilizing Duke Energy’s effective customer service:

  1. Quick Payments: The ability to make payments right away over the Duke Energy phone Number is one of the main benefits of using the Duke Energy bill pay phone number. The inconveniences and frustrations connected with manually paying bills via the mail or even online are eliminated by this time-saving accessibility. All it takes is a quick phone call to settle everything, your checkbook, and ten minutes.
  2. Peace of Mind: Duke Energy’s phone number is a priceless resource for people who desire peace of mind about their financial transactions since nobody enjoys torn-open envelopes from businesses threatening late payments or penalty costs owing to erroneous payment dates.
  3. Talk about billing mistakes and overcharges: Technology isn’t flawless; things do go wrong occasionally. Duke Energy is aware of this fact, which is why it provides tailored support whenever an error is shown on a customer’s statement. You may contact a professional representative who can address any inquiries you have about complex billing issues, such as erroneous charges or calculation errors, by calling the toll-free customer support number.

Duke Energy Bill Pay Phone Number FAQs

what is the phone number for Duke Energy?

The Duke Energy Phone Number for customer service is 1-800-777-9898.

what is Duke Energy’s phone number?

The Duke Energy Phone Number is 1-800-777-9898.

what is Duke Energy customer service phone number?

The Duke Energy customer care number for residential customers is 1-800-777-9898. The customer service representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm ET.

What is Duke Energy’s Official website?

https://www.duke-energy.com/ is the official website of Duke Energy.

How Do I Talk To A Real Person At Duke Energy?

Call Duke Energy at 1-800-777-9898 to speak with a live person and follow the automated system’s instructions to do so. Enter the necessary information if requested for your Duke Energy account number or the phone number linked to your account. When prompted to choose a menu item, respond “Speak to a representative.” This will point you in the direction of a customer care agent who can help you with your query.

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