In today's time, Diabetes is a common problem in every family. Here are the 8 Diabetes symptoms every man should know.  

1. Unexplained Weight Gain Increasing Weight Automatically

2. Excessive Thirst:  Can't seem to quench your thirst?

3. Irritability:  Sudden mood swings or irritability?

4. Frequent Urination:  Notice a spike in bathroom trips?

5. Fatigue and Weakness:  Feeling tired, even with enough rest?

6. Blurry Vision:  Is your eyesight suddenly unclear?

7. Tingling or Numbness:  Strange sensations in your extremities?

8. Slow Wound Healing:  Injuries taking longer to heal than usual?

Thank You  Be Healthy, Live Healthy 

If you face any symbtoms from these you should need to go for Diabetes Test for healthy life.